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Hybrid Artwork: 12 Pieces NFT Collection

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About Collection

Imagine, Create, Share.

LOOK ME IN THE EYE is a hybrid (digital and handmade) collection created in 2021 by Aydan Aykut (Technical Illustrator and Painter) and Arın Aykut (Media Composer, Pianist and Conductor). 

The hybrid works are completely handmade and done with precision. All NFTs include music that was specifically produced for them and they were enhanced with visuals. The eyes were named after the 12 tones in music and each eye reflects a different emotional state. 

*A certain amount of the income made out of each NFT will be donated to non-profit organizations for health, education, disabilities, human rights, and animal rights. 

**Every year, if you are the holder of the NFT in October, then you can request to have a custom sketch of the eye illustration you own. Sketches will be made once a year for the next 3 years, ending in 2025.

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