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About Me

"Music scoring is a transformative art form that possesses the unique ability to transport listeners from their present emotional state to a desired one. Since my childhood, it has been my singular ambition to partake in this deliberate manipulation of emotions. Therefore, I take immense pride in dedicating my entire life to the craft of composing music for visual media."

Arın Aykut is a media composer, pianist, conductor, who has composed/produced and performed music across a diverse range of media, from indie films to video games, animations to television series, and theater productions.

Aykut's musical journey began at the age of 8 with the support of his opera singer father. He completed his undergraduate studies in piano performance at the Ankara State Conservatory and the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, and later earned his master's degree in orchestral conducting from the Ankara State Conservatory and the Chopin University of Music.

Throughout his career, Aykut has performed as a solo pianist in prestigious venues such as the Würzburg Palace in Germany as part of the European Union project "Art Without Limits," and was also a finalist in "The World Pianist Invitational" piano competition held in the United States. He has served as a member of the jury for the SCA Music Foundation Piano Competition in Ankara, and has conducted notable orchestras/choirs including the National Polish Radio Symphonic Orchestra, Turkish State Polyphonic Choir, and Hacettepe University Academic Orchestra.

In addition to his career as a performer, Aykut has been composing and producing music for film, television, theater, cartoons, and commercials since 2013. His music has earned him numerous accolades, including "Audience Award" from the Goethe Institute - Cinema-Dance Film Festival, the "Best Composer" award from the Turkish Art Institution Association, and recognition from Shazam Turkey as the "Most Searched Music" and from Spotify Turkey as "Viral 50."

Currently based in London, United Kingdom, Aykut is continuing his career as a media composer, pianist, and conductor while pursuing his second master's degree at the University of West London in Composition for Film & TV since September 2022.

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