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Welcome - to the official website of Arın Aykut.

Arın is a London based composer, pianist, conductor, who has composed, produced and performed music across a diverse range of media, from short-feature films to video games, animations to television series, and theater productions. 

Arın Aykut's recent works include
the feature film Life After Man, a post-apocalyptic film produced by Title Film (Australia), set to be released in 2024. He has also been involved as a composer in the 2023 short film Log Diaries: Seekers of WaterTenement, "Mis Gibi"Log Diaries 2: Desertion and the mobile video game "Trash Run" Additionally, he composed a string ensemble single titled Homeland and created original music and soundscapes for the theatrical play "House of Bernarda Alba" in the same year.


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